Writing Samples

Writing Sample for Activity One

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Writing Sample for Activity Four

Below is a brief example of activity four. This would be the type of activity I was describing. Each line would be from a different student.

Charlie the beagle leaped into the air.

He flapped his enormous ears, flying through the air like Dumbo.

Only Charlie didn’t need a black feather to keep his courage up.

Charlie’s  new ability was completely shocking.

“I can fly? Who knew?!” Charlie thought, dumbfounded.

He had become superdog overnight!

The only question was how would he use this new ability to contribute to the good of the world?

Jim Bob looked at his longtime companion with disbelief.

“A dog! Flying! That is crazy!!!”  Jim Bob exclaimed.

He had no idea that his family pet could soar through the sky like Superman.

Charlie the beagle zoomed out the open window and into the streets.

He was off to save the world, one day at a time.


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