Writing Activities

Below are four different writing activities dealing with using a blog as the format!


Activity One- Blogging as a literature character

Have students create a blog as a character in the current literature book the class is just beginning to read. Let them choose their own character to provide more creativity. Have the students create an about page for that character including hobbies, interests, physical description, ect. Have the students keep the blog for the duration of the book. They should respond as the character nightly as a homework grade. Their response should include reactions to the story line as it progresses. The goal is to become the character and really get inside that character’s head. For extra credit, they could interact with each other as the different characters.

This activity could be used in any literature class, modified to be more or less difficult depending on the class. I think that this activity will promote creativity in a new technological environment. Students will really get into this activity and get excited about blogging as their character.

*Idea is my own.



Activity Two-  Vacation Map

On a class blog, have students post about their favorite vacation or an imagined vacation that they would like to take in a creative writing assignment. Have them post pictures of the place and embed maps. They could use Google Earth to do this and add to a pin to a single collaborative map. The students should interact with each other and comment on other students’ vacations in a positive way. It will be fun to see the wide spectrum of places that the group would like to visit. Students could explore their creativity and see how large their vacation map becomes. It would allow students to share their dreams in an online platform. It is an activity that students of all ages will enjoy.

*based off of http://web20intheclassroom.blogspot.com/2008/10/ways-to-use-blogs-in-your-classroom-and.html



Activity Three- Nontraditional Research Paper

Instead of having students write a traditional research paper, have students create a research blog. Students must choose a topic to educate their fellow classmates about. Multimedia should be used and all articles must be cited. Allow students to present their research in a creative way. They can choose different genres to write in as long as they incorporate their research. Have the students link their research blogs together. The students will be required to go through and comment on at least five other blogs, giving insight into the researched topic. This will give the students more creativity. It will excite and interest them more than the regular, boring research paper. This activity is geared toward juniors and seniors and the research papers that are required.

*idea taken from http://web20intheclassroom.blogspot.com/2008/10/ways-to-use-blogs-in-your-classroom-and.html



Activity Four- A Picture Challenge!

For this activity, students must come up with a odd or unusual picture. They will then post this picture on the class blog that has been established in the classroom. Underneath the picture, they will post a sentence that will be the beginning of a story about their picture. Each student will go through and comment on the other students’ pictures. They will build a story through posting their sentences. The sentences will build off of each other and create a unique story about the picture the students chose. In class the next day, the short stories will be shared out loud with the class. This is a short, creative writing assignment that will get the students writing with a purpose and with pleasure. This assignment is really geared towards younger students even though older students might enjoy it as well.

*idea taken from http://web20intheclassroom.blogspot.com/2008/10/ways-to-use-blogs-in-your-classroom-and.html


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