What’s all this about?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about blogs and how they work in our technological savvy society. More and more people are getting into blogging and the idea of keeping a well maintained blog. Blogs are being used more frequently by teachers professionally and in the classroom.

When thinking more about blogging in the classroom, I had several questions come to mind. How can you use blogs to teach writing? Are blogs beneficial to students? How do you use a blog to effectively teach writing? I want to divulge into these questions that all fall under the larger question of how can blogs be used in a writing classroom? I want to know how to use blogs in various writing assessments and activities to benefit my students. Technology is a major influence in the lives of my future students. They know the latest technology and they love to use it. I want to know how to use blogging to teach writing to my students in a way that is creative and engaging. Therefore, how can blogs be used to teach writing?


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