Blogging in the Classroom by Tracie Heskett

10 07 2011

Blogging in the Classroom is a teacher friendly book by Tracie Heskett. It is geared for 4-8 grades so it would be great for middle school teachers who are interested in using blogs to teach writing. It helps teachers learn how to create a blog and learn what it means to blog. It also has activities and resources that would be useful to a teacher when trying to use blogs in the classroom. It looks like a really great book! Check it out!!


Top 10 reasons to blog

7 07 2011

Blogging in the Classroom: A Preliminary Exploration of Student Attitudes and Impact on Comprehension

3 07 2011



The critical skill of writing is central to the act of blogging. Because the blogging format encourages students to engage with positions divergent from their own, blogging can potentially enhance analytic and critical thinking skills. Students may be more invested in their writing if they know they are writing for an Internet audience and their peers, as opposed to only an instructor. The study showed that students found reading others’ writing than actually writing their own blogs. Blogs helped students learn from the ideas of others and helped spread new ways of thinking. The problem with blogging came when it came time to be critical of others. Students didn’t want to hurt other peoples’ feelings and didn’t want to tell them they were wrong. So, the real learning came more from reading what others had to say and commenting on blogs than actually writing a blog oneself.

This article gave insight on the practical use of blogging in the classroom. It was interesting to see the different student reactions to blogging. Overall, it was a successful study. Blogging is useful to developing writing skills in and out of the classroom.


Ellison, N., & Wu, Y.. (2008). Blogging in the Classroom: A Preliminary Exploration of Student Attitudes and Impact on Comprehension. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 17(1), 99-122.  Retrieved July 3, 2011, from Research Library. (Document ID: 1425738791).

why should we blog as teachers?

16 06 2011

It is important to blog in the classroom because so many of our students blog. The video shows just how many of the blogging world is our students! It gives the statistics of the blogging generation. Blogging connects to our students and their interests. It can help shape students writing and give them the freedom and creativity to write!