My Conclusion

18 07 2011

Blogging in the classroom is still a relatively new concept to most teachers. It has only been within recent years that teachers have begun to use blogs for personal use and for educational purposes. Teachers can use blogs for a variety of purposes from recapping lessons to creative writing assignments. It is important for teachers to use blogs because so many of our students are using personal blogs. There are many benefits to using blogs to help teach students.

Blogs offer a way for students to start thinking about publishing their work and sharing their writing with the rest of the world. It gives them a way to showcase their work without having to read it to the class directly. Blogs help students be more invested in their writing when they know that it will be read by their peers and other internet users. Blogs will motivate students to want to share their writing with other people. It helps improve students creativity, accountability, and accuracy.

Blogging helps students engage with writing a way that is creative and familiar to them. The use of technology connects to the students on a level that paper and pen do not. Students can use this technology to interact with each other’s writing. Blogs help spread new ways of thinking and writing from student to student. Students will engage more in discussions on blogs than in the classrooms. It allows less outspoken students to be heard. Blogs gives students an equal opportunity to participate without fear of what other students might say unlike classroom discussions.

Before this project, I really had no idea what a blog was or what it even meant to blog. Now, through the exploration of my inquiry question, I have a much deeper knowledge and a firmer grasp on what it means to blog. Blogging is a new tool that teachers now have access to in order to engage our students. We as teachers should develop our skills and use the tools that are the most current. It is what is best for the students we teach. They should be exposed to new ideas and information in creative, engaging platforms. I look forward to creating my own teaching blog. I intend to use a blog in the ways that I have explored for this inquiry question.





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