Teacher Websites and Blogs

15 07 2011

1. http://www.adrianbruce.com/blogging/blog_hosting/blog_hosting.htm

This is a website maintained by a teacher named Adrian Bruce. He has his own blog that he maintains at http://adrianbruce.com/teacher-toolbox/. There is a link to his blog on this website. The purpose of his webpage is to inform teachers on how to blog and what blogging is. He also gives his recommendations on different blogging sites as well as how to use them. It is a good website for an introduction to blogging.



This website offers a more secure blogging website, Edmodo, to consider as a teacher. As teachers, we have to be concerned about our students’ privacy and who can access their information. This site allows only those with the group code to see the information on the page. Teachers can interact with other teachers and their students in real time. The webpage also gives ideas for activities that can be done using a blog, like Edmodo.



This webpage gives 33 ideas for using blogs in the classroom. It is not just for the writing classroom but for other classrooms. This validates the idea that blogs are useful to teachers and are a legitimate medium for educational purposes. Many of the 33 ideas can be made into writing activities through the medium of a blog. The ideas are really good and I used this website as the basis for the writing activities on this blog. I bookmarked this site because I found it very useful.



This is the blog of a 2nd grade teacher. She tried using a classroom blog with her students and in this post, she reports on her experiment. She talks about how it motivated her students and excited them. Blogging worked really well with students as young as second graders. Imagine what you could do in a writing classroom with older students! It is fantastic that the young students are already working on blogging. With the basics that they learn in elementary school, teachers can build on those skills as the students grow. I think this website shows how blogging can get students writing in a creative way in the most basic form!



The authors of this blog are two teachers who live and work  over 500 miles apart! They have been sharing their ideas with each other and their readers since 2007. Their purpose is to help students improve their writing. They share techniques  and strategies that they use. Its a pretty cool blog!




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