New Technologies to Get Your Students Engaged

14 07 2011

Ryan Cordell’s article about using technology to engage students in the writing classroom. In this article, Cordell talks about the different kinds of new technology that can be used to teach research, literature, and writing. In his paragraph on blogging, Cordell gives helpful ideas on how to effectively use blogs for the classroom. He suggests that a class blog be created for students to submit work through. He discusses the idea that students are more conscious and thoughtful when publishing their work on the internet. Cordell gives a tool for teachers called Commentpress that is a widget available on any wordpress blogs. This tool allows students or teachers to comment on specific paragraphs in the post instead of the entire post. This could be helpful when peer editing or giving feedback on works.


Cordell, Ryan. (2011).New Technologies to Get Your Students Engaged. Chronicle of Higher Education, 57(36), 8-10.  Retrieved July 14, 2011, from Academic Search Complete. (Document ID: 60826212).




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