Weblogs and Literary Response

12 07 2011

In this article written by Kathleen West, she discusses the way that she used blogging in her classroom. She starts off the article by telling about the weekly class period that she devoted specifically to blogging. She discusses how excited her students were and all of the great classroom discussions that were spun off of the blog. West discusses how her students’ social identities came out through their writing on their blog. It is less formal than a paper and the students treated it that way.

This article focuses on three students, two girls and one boy, from different academic and cultural backgrounds with differing writing styles. Despite these differences, all three students built an identity of serious literature students. All the students also seemed aware of their digital community. They used phrases and language that incorporated text and instant messaging language. Yet, despite the informality of the blogs, the students were clearly literary experts.

The conclusion of West’s findings indicate that all students can gain something from using a blogging platform. The students enjoy it and are more creative and insightful using the informal language of a blog. They create their own identities online which compare to their social identities. Overall, the benefits of using a weblog are endless and need to be explored further by teachers.

West, Kathleen. (2008). Weblogs and literary response: Socially situated identities and hybrid social languages in English class blogs. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 51(7), 588-598.  Retrieved July 12, 2011, from Academic Search Complete. (Document ID: 31748460).




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